Ignore These Window Cleaning Myths

There are an array of bizarre window cleaning tips out there, some very true, but some no quite as much. We have rounded up the top three window cleaning myths that you should ignore. Window Cleaning Myth #1: Save It For A Sunny Day While DIY window cleaning can seem like a more attractive job […]

Window Cleaning At Hundreds Of Feet Up

Window cleaning is certainly not a job for those with a fear of heights. Even less so when working on some of Vancouver’s tallest residential buildings and offices. When it comes to cleaning windows on any building over one or two stories high, we break out our special technology and techniques. High rise window cleaning […]

Should I Bother With Window Cleaning In The Winter?

In Vancouver, the heavy winter rains can make you feel as though window cleaning would be pointless. You’ll be surprised to hear, winter is a prime time for window cleaning in Vancouver. Here’s why. You’ll Be Warmer Or at least the cat will. A clean window allows more of the sun’s rays into your home […]

5 Things homeowners hate when hiring window cleaners

What to avoid when you hire a window cleaner. Hiring a cleaning company is not an easy task. Most people might be surprised to learn there is a relatively small barrier to entry in the industry. Purchase some basic tools, print some business cards and you’re in business. Add to that, the lack of accredited, […]

DIY Window cleaning

The absolute easiest way to clean windows. If a professional service is not in your budget, or you’re just the DIY sort of guy or gal, this easy step-by-step guide from the pros at Imagine will get your windows looking great in no time. What you’ll need: – Large bucket – Soft bristle deck brush […]

Promotion: Interior condo window cleaning

Book your interior window cleaning before July 31, 2014 and save. 1 bdr – basic construction, from 99.00 2 bdr – basic construction, from $119.00 1 bdr – curtain wall (as pictured, inset) from $139 2 bdr – curtain wall (as pictured, inset) from $189 Fill out our web form with coupon code CONDO Applies […]

Pro-Tip: How to spot clean your windows

Just had your windows professionally cleaned and now they have a mark? Before you reach for the windex and paper towel, here’s some advice on spot-cleaning your windows. Microfibre rag These rags are a great household item. They are excellent a dusting as the weave attracts the dust into it. The trick is to not […]

Why clean windows in the winter?

Its winter you don’t need to clean your windows, right? Incase you haven’t noticed, life in the Vancouver area is a little different than the rest of Canada. -30 degree temperatures – NOPE. Two feet of snow – NOPE. Plugging your car in – WHAT? You still wash your car at this time of year, […]

Window cleaning tip of the month

In between window cleaning appointments or on a budget? This DIY tip is for you. If you’ve spent more than one minute cleaning a window, you’ve spent too long. The traditional combination of a proprietary spray and paper towel often results in frustration as streaks invariably develop. This is due in part to the fact […]


May the Force be with you. This might be the first ever comparison between a lightsaber and a squeegee. But to achieve the all-desired perfect, streak free window, Imagine’s staff perfect their squeegee skills through long hours of training not unlike a Jedi Master. A window cleaners lightsaber… Clearly, the best way to clean windows […]