Pro-Tip: How to spot clean your windows

smear-free-window-cleaning-and-polishing-with-microfibers-300x292Just had your windows professionally cleaned and now they have a mark? Before you reach for the windex and paper towel, here’s some advice on spot-cleaning your windows.

Microfibre rag
These rags are a great household item. They are excellent a dusting as the weave attracts the dust into it. The trick is to not get it too wet or it will smear, and make sure its clean.

Coffee filter.Paper towels are designed to break down with water. Its no wonder then when we try to clean windows with these products that they leave behind lint on the glass. Here are a few options to guarantee that freshly-cleaned glass look again.

Unlike paper towel, coffee filters are designed to stand up to quite a bit of water. If its a simple fingerprint you won’t even need glass cleaner.

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