4 Reasons Why Field Technicians Love Their Job

If you’re someone who gets bored quickly, craves a change in their daily routine, and would rather be outside all day, you might want to consider joining our cleaning crew as a field technician. Being a field technician at IMAGINE can be fun, but it is also rewarding to see the work you put in […]

4 Great Reasons to Hire IMAGINE for Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Your brand new strata building is ready or renovations are finally complete and the dust has settled… literally everywhere! From high ceilings to complex windows and staircases, post-construction clean-up is a big task, which is why it’s best left to professionals. If you’re looking for a local post-construction cleaning service in Vancouver, here are four […]

Make a Payment with Client Portal

To make an online payment through Client Portal click the following link; https://imaginemaintenanceltd.manageandpaymyaccount.com/ First time making a paying with Client Portal? You might find these steps helpful… 1 – Log into your client portal with your username and password. *If you don’t have a username and password, email deklan@imagineservices.ca 2 – From the Home Page, […]

Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention starts with YOU! Ok I get it. That sounds like every piece of fire prevention propaganda out there, but that’s for good reason, it’s the truth! Canada has approximately 24,000 homes catch fire every year, 1/100 of those are fatal.  The leading cause in all preventable house fires is cooking equipment.  Smoking materials […]

How to Clean Pigeon Poop

According to a popular theory, pigeons don’t poop while in flight and can be quite selective when it comes to going number 2.  That’s why we see clusters of pigeon poop on the window sills, decks, statues or wherever those fussy little poopers are hanging out.   Some experts believe that pigeons don’t poop while in […]