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We are always on the lookout for the right people to fill the following roles so if any of them resonate with you let us know which one and tell us why you think you’d be a good fit.


If you are looking to make your next office an outdoor one, and the idea of working all over the lower mainland appeals to you, consider enquiring about joining our team of Field Techs.

Our Field Techs are the beating heart of our business. A typical day for a Field Tech might be window cleaning or awning cleaning for a retail complex, or it might be window cleaning or pressure washing for a high-end home in West Vancouver. Or, it could be a multi-day gutter cleaning job for a strata complex in Burnaby. The property types, locations, and work are so varied that it’s often enough to keep a person, hungry for experience and challenges, satisfied for years.

Traits and experiences that will help you become a successful Field Tech are:

• When you were a kid you climbed trees and loved to monkey around.
• Sitting idle isn’t for you, you like to keep moving, and you have a good sense of pulling your own weight.
• You’re guided by an internal call to always do the right thing.
• You enjoy working with others, having good conversations and laughing throughout the day.
• You take any kind of weather the earth can throw at you as a challenge, face on.


If you are coming with field experience and looking for a role to grow your leadership skills, consider enquiring about joining our team of Lead Hands.

Lead Hands are experienced Field Techs who are also responsible for signing out a vehicle for the day, making sure their team is equipped and ready for the day, using an app to log info and upload pictures of jobs, interface with customers, and make sure everything is being done safely and up to company standard. We rely on Lead Hands to keep the culture positive and fun so in addition to having direct experience in our industry we’re looking for those who are organized and fun to work with. And as we grow as an organization, we look to our team of Lead Hands to offer input and insights to make things better and safer for everyone.

Traits and experiences that will help you become a successful Lead Hand are:

  • You are a people person and you appreciate it when a customer gives you a glowing review.
  • You have natural leadership abilities and you regularly influence people you work with in positive ways.
  • You connect with the pulse of an organization and are keen to contribute to its growth and development.
  • You are qualified and experienced enough to operate a full-sized van.

Lead Hands should have proven industry experience, skill, and know-how. However, if you’re interested in being a Lead Hand and don’t have the necessary experience, but you’re the right person, we would consider an expedited term as Field Tech.


If the challenge of rigging using rope, setting up safe worksites in public settings, and a sense of weightlessness appeals to you, consider enquiring about joining our team of Rope Techs.

Rope Techs are the Field Techs of the sky and let’s not ignore the cool factor. If you’ve ever noticed workers hanging off of buildings then you already know and appreciate this kind of work. It takes everything we do on the ground and applies them at heights.

Traits and experiences that will help you become a successful Rope Tech are:

• An uncompromising approach to safety
• You take any kind of weather the earth can throw at you as a challenge, face on.
• You are already skilled and experienced with window cleaning & pressure washing.
• You have experience with bosuns chair work or you have at least a SPRAT L1 or L2 certification.


Area Managers are generally those who have experienced many of our most complex jobs and are capable of coordinating them as well as documenting them. We generally promote from within, however, it may be helpful to career-minded individuals to know what opportunities await them.
It generally takes two years of employment to qualify for this role. Area Managers absolutely must have demonstrable organization, leadership, and communication abilities. They have to be good with computer work, they have to have the ability to lead and teach, and they have to be able to fully support and roll out new company directives.

Area Managers generally have access to a broad set of tools, logins, and company credit cards and thus are entrusted to conduct themselves in the most moral and ethical ways. They must be capable of training others and overseeing a geographical region or, perhaps a certain service offering over a broad region.

Please fill in the form below to apply for this position. You can also email us at [email protected] in case you experience any difficulties with the application.