Ignore These Window Cleaning Myths

Window cleaning myths

There are an array of bizarre window cleaning tips out there, some very true, but some no quite as much. We have rounded up the top three window cleaning myths that you should ignore.

Window Cleaning Myth #1: Save It For A Sunny Day

While DIY window cleaning can seem like a more attractive job on a sunny day, that’s about the only reason to ever favour hot, sunny days over cloudy cooler ones. Summer light seems to highlight every single flaw on your glass from surface dirt to tiny those tiny micro-scratches that seem to come from nowhere. There is absolutely no harder condition to clean windows in as the sun causes water to dry faster than it can be squeegeed off, thus forming streaks. Our professional cleaning teams do of course have ways to get around this, but for DIY window cleaning, you can certainly expect a better result saving the cleaning for a gloomier day.

Window Cleaning Myth #2: Rain Doesn’t Dirty Windows

Rain actually does dirty windows as it usually starts it’s life forming on dust in the clouds before it makes its way down to land on your windows. One of the tools we use to ensure windows are left 99% spot free, is a water purifier. It removes all of the minerals from tap water and creates a state that pulls the dust on your windows back into the water molecules and leaves your windows dust and streak free. The best way to ensure rain and snow doesn’t dirty your windows too much, is to maintain regular window cleaning habits throughout the year, at least every 3 months.

Window Cleaning Myth #3: Glass Cleaner Is A Must

There are plenty of other products that can clean glass just as well, if not better than, glass cleaner. If you’ve read our DIY window cleaning tips, you’ll have seen that we recommend using a mild dish soap solution. Not only is it often cheaper, but it tends to have fewer strong odours and chemicals. If you’ve used glass cleaner before, and noticed streaks appear shortly afterwards, we’d recommend either switching to using dish soap, or using a microfiber cloth. Glass cleaner also accumulates and becomes a hard to clean film over time.

For those hard to reach exterior windows, the easiest way to clean those is by giving us a call. Contact our window cleaning team today to schedule in your next appointment.