Should I Bother With Window Cleaning In The Winter?

In Vancouver, the heavy winter rains can make you feel as though window cleaning would be pointless. You’ll be surprised to hear, winter is a prime time for window cleaning in Vancouver. Here’s why.

You’ll Be Warmer

Or at least the cat will. A clean window allows more of the sun’s rays into your home which in turn, keeps the place warmer. If you have a cat, you’ll notice how they enjoy snuggling up next to the window on a sunny day. We’re sure they’ll enjoy it even more, against clean windows. British scientists have actually been developing self-cleaning smart windows that could cut heating bills dramatically. Until those self-cleaning windows are on the market, leave the window cleaning to us.

Enjoy Fewer Streaks

It is actually better to clean windows on a cloudy day. On a sunny day, as the water dries, the sun’s rays can cause it to dry in streaks. People often think that rain leaves streaks on windows too, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Rainwater is free of chemicals and generally has very few minerals so if windows are clean, when rain comes in contact with them, they dry with no streaks. If you see streaks on your window after it rains, it’s a sign that the rain is reacting with dust spots on the window, in which case some window cleaning is due.

Save Yourself Time

You’ll notice the need to schedule awning cleaning and gutter cleaning appointments throughout the winter so why not ask us about our curb appeal package. We can complete all the exterior cleaning services you need in one swift visit. This save you having to make arrangements multiple times plus, you’ll know that the work we’re doing is going to make sure your homes curb appeal will turn the neighbours green with envy!


Vancouver recently had some beautiful snowy days and who’s to say we won’t get a few more before spring arrives? Don’t waste the lovely winter sites by putting up with dirty windows. Book yourself a window cleaning appointment and appreciate the beautiful city you call home.

To find out more about our curb appeal package or to schedule your next window cleaning appointment, contact our friendly team of cleaning experts today.