DIY Window cleaning

TTip-of-the-month-300x192he absolute easiest way to clean windows.

If a professional service is not in your budget, or you’re just the DIY sort of guy or gal, this easy step-by-step guide from the pros at Imagine will get your windows looking great in no time.

What you’ll need:
– Large bucket
– Soft bristle deck brush
– Extension pole
– Dish soap
– Ladder
– Hose & nozzle

Fill your bucket with water, and put in a few squeezes of dish soap, just enough to get a bit of suds going. Take a moment and inspect your ladder and familiarize yourself with basic ladder safety. Always start with the highest windows and work down. Dip your brush into the bucket of soap and scrub the window. Rinse the soap before it dries. Voila, clean windows!

• If possible, clean your windows on a cool, cloudy day. Direct sun heats the glass and leads to streaks.
• Avoid ladders where ever possible by using the reach of the pole. Never extend your reach past your ladder placement.
• You can clean your screens with this same technique. Just be sure to fully rinse the screens with an overlapping technique.
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