Why clean windows in the winter?

Its winter you don’t need to clean your windows, right? Incase you haven’t noticed, life in the Vancouver area is a little different than the rest of Canada. -30 degree temperatures – NOPE. Two feet of snow – NOPE. Plugging your car in – WHAT? You still wash your car at this time of year, so what holds most people back from window cleaning in Vancouver?

MYTH – It rains too much so there’s no point, they’ll just get dirty again.

FACT – Its true, we do get our fair share of rain in the winter, however we suggest the solution to this is a re-think on window cleaning. Rainwater is absolutely clean with no chemicals and generally few minerals. If windows are clean, when rain water comes in contact with them they will dry with no spots. Its the reaction with surface dust that causes the spots. So its dirty windows, that cause spots!

Additionally, like your car or your clothes, its not a one-and-done scenario. They require constant cleaning so you can enjoy the longest and best possible life out of them, windows are no different. Perhaps you might have noticed a hazing effect on your windows, which is generally found on the lower portion of windows. This is caused by rain water splashing on the metal window sill which picks up minute mineral particles from the sill and deposits them on the glass known as mineral staining. A regular cleaning schedule can prevent this from becoming unsightly and a costly repair.

Then of course there’s the great feeling that comes from looking out clean windows! Call us today to book your appointment.