Safe Gutter Cleaning Methods We Swear By

Ladders are needed for many DIY tasks but if you don’t have the right ladder or experience, you could be putting yourself in a very precarious situation. There are a multitude of gutter cleaning methods we use after we judge the safety of a job.

The Traditional Method

For gutters that can be easily reached with a ladder, hand cleaning is an extremely effective way of cleaning gutters. The problem with this method is that ladders can be very dangerous.

In one ten year period (to 2014), 20% of workplace deaths in Canada were caused by ladder falls. This is not a statistic we take lightly and neither should you. When hiring any person to perform work on your home it is vital you check they are insured. If an uninsured contractor has an injury while working at your property, they are not covered by WorkSafe BC insurance and you will be liable for their injuries.

Our years of gutter and window cleaning experience allows us to recognize when the traditional method is appropriate and when it’s not.


For harder to reach gutters that are high up, vacuums come in handy. Our vacuums can extend up multiple stories so are perfect for cleaning gutters on commercial buildings or homes. This method is also much safer as ladders are generally not required.

Our gutter cleaning vacuums have a large diameter which allows for piles of leaves and water, to be cleaned up. These are professional standard tools that are beyond the price point of most home tools. If the gutters on your home or building are too high up to be cleared by hand with a ladder, we recommend you give us a call. As important as gutter cleaning is, it’s never worth putting yourself into an unsafe situation over.

Leaf Blower

For heavily clogged gutters, a leaf blower is a very useful tool. We often begin our gutter cleaning service with a leaf blower and finish the job either by hand or vacuum. Using a leaf blower from a ladder is not safe so we don’t recommend this. The safest way to get your gutters cleaned, is by professional, insured gutter cleaning experts.

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