Imagine a Moss-Free Driveway and Patio

Our simple pressure washing service will make you feel proud to invite friends and family over to enjoy the last of summer in your moss-free yard.

Get Rid of Moss and Algae

Moss and algae cannot only be unsightly but can also become slippery and dangerous. Our pressure washing service gets rid of all of this to leave you with a beautiful, safe yard. Hard surfaces such as driveways, stairs, ponds, sports courts and stone sculptures are often the victims of moss and algae growth. The power of the tools we use, wipes the area clean quickly and often without the need for added chemicals.

How To Keep Moss Down

If part of your home or building is experiencing moss growth, we recommend booking a pressure washing appointment now and then a follow up maintenance appointment during winter. Moss grows in moist shaded areas and the Lower Mainland’s amount of winter rain leads to a lot of moss growth. You can prevent some growth by trimming foliage. Moss can’t grow in direct sunlight so to stop it growing back, stop giving it shade. There are of course going to be areas where you can’t remove the shade and these are the areas that are more in need of pressure washing. In between pressure washing visits you can scrub the areas where moss tends to grow with a hard brush. If you are leaving it a long time between pressure washing sessions, you may want to consider buying moss and algae killing chemicals to apply.

We are very thorough when pressure washing Vancouver homes and buildings. Our valued customers have rated us 4.5 out of 5 on Facebook, Google + and Yelp. Contact us to arrange a pressure washing visit at your home or building and find out why we are so highly rated.