Improve Your Curb Appeal To Get Your Home Sell-Ready

Simple outdoor improvements such as window cleaning, awning cleaning and gutter cleaning can give those potential buyers a good first impression within seconds. Our Curb Appeal package helps improve the overall look and feel of your property – from the inside, out!

Before people even step through the door of your home, they will be making judgments on the outside, so make sure they aren’t bad. Dirty windows, awning, gutters and driveways can make your home less desirable. Our Curb Appeal offering takes care of all of that. We know that selling property requires a lot of effort and you probably have a long list of things to do inside your home so let someone else take care of the outside. Contact us to discuss getting all exterior cleaning completed in one visit. Our experienced, insured team work meticulously to ensure your home is free or moss, algae and smears.

While IMAGINE works on the outside, you can try these home-selling tricks inside.

  • We all love the smell of freshly baked goods and home-buyers are no different. Studies have shown that houses that have recently baked breads or cakes before a viewing result in a higher offer. A citrus smell has shown to work best so try baking a lemon loaf or muffins.
  • Whilst you are focusing on the kitchen, remove kettles and toasters to give the impression of more countertop space. Let the viewer imagine their own belongings in the space.
  • A kitchen is a very important room for most house-buyers so if yours hasn’t been modernized for a few decades, it could be worth investing in some new cupboard doors. Investing in doors rather than a new kitchen can lead to a good return. Remember neutral colours and simple handles are best.
  • Ever noticed how high-end retail stores are brightly lit? People spend more money in bright locations. If you have energy saving lightbulbs, swap them to bright ones before any viewings. This will be especially helpful if you are selling your home in winter.
  • If you have lived in your home for years, you may have built up a large amount of clothing and shoes which may all be squashed into your built-in closets. Take 50% of your belongings out to allow viewers to see how much room they’ll have.
  • When a person is viewing a house, not only are they looking at what property they can buy, but also what lifestyle they can buy. If your car is an older model, borrow or hire an executive car to sit in your driveway when you have viewings to impress potential buyers.

By following these tips, you will improve your chances of a quick sale. Window washing and gutter cleaning are important to arrange before house viewings but get in touch with us to discuss how our complete Curb Appeal offering can make your home give the impression it should before anyone even steps inside.