Easy ways to improve your home’s curb appeal

There are a million ways to improve your home’s curb appeal – where do you start? From awning cleaning to de-mossing, here are some easy ways to improve your home’s appearance.

Doorstep Plants

A simple potted plant at the entrance of your home can make a big difference. The contrast in colour against your painted or bricked walls gives your house a sense of style. A Pheasant’s Tail Grass (anemanthele lessoniana) is a great year-round option. The evergreen grasses thrive in sun or shade. Try two or three different plant pots to give the impression of a mature garden.

Outdoor Lighting

Lights aren’t just for Christmas. An outdoor light fitting on your home’s wall can look very stylish whilst also being a good security measure. Movement sensored lighting gives your home an added layer of security, although more often than not, it’s next door’s cat or a pesky raccoon that activates it. Path lighting can look very attractive and help you whilst you’re fumbling for your keys on a dark winter night.

Clean Awning

After a few years, glass or canvas awning can look tired and dated. A simple clean can make it look like-new again. Remember, pressure washing awning can damage it. If you have any doubts, simply book your awning in for a clean next time you get your windows washed. Our professionals have been restoring Vancouver awnings for years and know how to avoid damage.


Fences aren’t just for defining boundaries, they can be used decoratively. Try lining the pathway to your house with a short fence. Or a slightly taller one if you’d like to create an enclosed area for your pet to run around in.

Front Door

When you no longer feel happy with how your home looks, replacing the front door can make you feel as though you’ve completely renovated. Perhaps be brave and opt for a brightly coloured door. Maybe a regal red or pastel pink.


Moss builds up very quickly on paved driveways and moist shaded areas. It can make your home look older than it is. Our exterior cleaning service gets rid of all moss surrounding your home. If you spend time making the outside of your home look nice, it would be a shame for that to be spoilt by some troublesome moss. Gutter cleaning is another good way to get rid of, or prevent, moss.

A few small purchases and exterior maintenance will turn your home into the idyllic suburban home that will be the talk of the town.
Never thought about getting your home’s gutter or awning cleaned? Get in touch with us to find out about our outdoor cleaning solutions.