What’s Included In Our Pressure Washing Service

Sidewalk pressure washing

The average Joe is very good at scheduling in regular window cleaning appointments but when it comes to pressure washing, Vancouver residents and business owners tend to overlook the need for clean sidewalks, walls and driveways. Often, this is because people aren’t aware that you can actually hire professional pressure washing experts. Of course, you can buy home pressure washers but when using these, precautions must be taken. We have previously shared some of our tips if you do want to try some DIY pressure washing.

Alternatively, if you’d rather avoid the risks and are interested in improving the curb appeal of your home or business, here’s an overview of what to expect from our pressure washing service.

We Don’t Just Use Pressure Washers

One of the reasons Vancouver is such a beautiful city, is thanks to its leafy streets, and mature trees. With that beauty, comes a real need for some professional pressure washing.

When leaves and rain pile up on sidewalks, tannins from the leaves can actually stain the ground. The only way to get rid of this is with a combination of pressure washing and cleaning agents.

Algae also builds up on buildings across Vancouver. We employ special cleaning technique to eradicate the algae from a variety of surfaces.

Our Pressure Washers Are Powerful

Home pressure washers can be great for maintenance between professional visits however they are far less powerful than professional grade pressure washers. For heavily stained surfaces, high power is needed to properly clean the area.

We Can Provide Advice

Our cleaning experts are just that – experts. When any of the team first meet with a customer, we will provide our advice on which areas we can safely clean, and how. For instance, most of the time we don’t recommend pressure washing awnings, as fabric awnings can become damaged beneath the power of a pressure washer. We do however provide separate awning cleaning services that provide an equally as thorough clean, without the risk of causing damage.

If you have any questions, or concerns, we pride ourselves on our years of experience and are more than happy to put that knowledge to use, answering your queries.

To get a quote for our pressure washing service, you can request one through our website. You can also reach us at 604-909-4711, where one of our friendly team will be available to provide you with more information, a quote, or schedule in a visit.