What are the best pressure washing techniques?

When it comes to pressure washing in Vancouver, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Poor pressure washing techniques will not only ruin your property, but can be dangerous to yourself and others.

A high-pressure jet of water can slice through solid material and seriously harm another person. When this kind of pressure is applied to your property, it can cause irreparable harm to your infrastructure and create property damage. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

What’s not commonly known are the unnoticed dangers of a poor pressure washing job. A do-it-yourself pressure washing job may result in a clean exterior, but can cause long-term property damage. Here are some pointers to keep in mind to avoid structural damage.

Be Careful When Pressure Washing Your Property

Never attempt to pressure wash your sidings or the exterior of your property – without proper knowledge, you may blast off the paint and shred off your sidings, break the seal off your windows or create cracks in your walls.

A pressure washer can shoot straight through wooden sidings, cutting into your plaster, soaking your wall cavity and spreading water through insulation and wiring.

Know Your Equipment

Pressure washers can create jetstreams of water that reach upwards of 4,000 psi. This can cut through human skin, and even the material covering your shoe.

The “0 degree” or famous “red nozzle” of certain pressure washers is extremely powerful and has resulted in injuries across the province. If you haven’t had much experience using a pressure washing, leave it to the professionals.

Pressure washers produce pressure at varying levels, and it takes a trained professional to recognize the minimum pressure required for the scope of work.

Use The Lowest Amount Of Pressure Possible

At IMAGINE, our professionals are trained to use the lowest amount of pressure to clean your property. We use a low pressure (soft wash) technique, coupled with specially designed detergents to clean your property without relying on overly high pressure.

We use eight different pressure washing techniques to adapt to any type of property, and always clean up overspray to affected areas. This ensures a thorough job with a high-quality finish.

There are a few things we would never touch with a pressure washer, such as roofs, awnings and wood decks. We use other cleaning methods to clean these surfaces without harming their structural integrity.

Pressure Wash To Maintain Your Property

With proper pressure washing techniques, you can increase your property’s curb appeal without needing to spend tens of thousands of dollars. At IMAGINE, we know and apply the right cleaning techniques for all aspects of your property, from window cleaning to gutter cleaning.

While we would never pressure wash your roof or awning, proper pressure washing techniques will result in property that look and feel amazing from your curb onwards. Consider pressure washing for your driveways and sidewalks. Hire IMAGINE do do it right.