Calling All Property Managers⏤It’s Time for Spring Cleaning!

Spring is here, and people are spending more and more time outdoors in Vancouver. If you manage a building, you might already be looking for local window cleaning or pressure washing services from a company that can get the job done right. That’s where IMAGINE comes in. Our experienced professionals are licensed and insured for commercial property window cleaning services and other exterior maintenance jobs. Let’s keep your windows looking great and your exterior ready for that Vancouver sunshine to come in!

What to expect with commercial window cleaning

With IMAGINE, you don’t have to worry about calls from residents or employees concerned about intruders on the property. We show up dressed professionally and ready to work. If you own a residential building, it’s best to advise residents to remove items from windows and balconies and shut all windows once you know the cleaning date. Residents should also be advised to close their blinds so that we can get our job done while they enjoy their privacy.

How often should commercial windows be cleaned?

Whether it’s a commercial or residential building, the frequency of window cleaning services is a mix of personal preference, climate, and whether the windows are visible to your customers. For residential high rises, we recommend that windows should be professionally cleaned at least once a year⏤, and spring is the perfect time for it! 

For commercial clients, please get in touch for a custom quote, as some of our retail clients, for instance, are serviced on a weekly basis, and some on a monthly basis. It all depends on your location and on the importance of first impressions for your business, which windows play a critical role in! 

Why is window cleaning important?

Besides making a great impression on residents and employees, here are some other benefits of regular window cleaning:

  • Helps maintain safety standards
  • Gives staff a sense of pride in their work environment
  • Enhances your image as a rental provide or business
  • Attracts new clients

What other services do commercial window cleaning companies offer?

Pressure washing is a great service to combine with window cleaning, and we’re proud to offer both at IMAGINE. As part of maintaining a building exterior, pressure washing is the best way to eliminate mould, mildew and stains on all exterior surfaces including siding, fencing, and pathways. Along with freshly cleaned windows, your building will be in top shape for spring. Contact us today for a free quote.

Take care of spring cleaning with IMAGINE

There are so many benefits to regularly cleaning a commercial building’s windows and pressure washing exterior surfaces. IMAGINE is a team of experienced and reliable professionals with over 17 years of experience cleaning windows and exteriors of buildings of all sizes in Greater Vancouver, and we know how to get the job done. Contact us today for all the benefits of a thorough spring cleaning!