4 Great Reasons to Hire IMAGINE for Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Your brand new strata building is ready or renovations are finally complete and the dust has settled… literally everywhere! From high ceilings to complex windows and staircases, post-construction clean-up is a big task, which is why it’s best left to professionals. If you’re looking for a local post-construction cleaning service in Vancouver, here are four reasons to choose IMAGINE.

Safety first

Construction and renovation involve complex materials that need more than a rag and a bottle of Windex. When construction workers finish a project, they may leave behind hazardous materials like nails and debris that pose safety risks. IMAGINE will ensure that employees and residents won’t get hurt by stepping on glass shards or breathing in toxic fumes from paint remover. Plus, we have the training to quickly differentiate between landfill and recycling debris and the personal protective equipment necessary to dispose of hazardous items.

Time is money

As a busy commercial strata manager, you have many things on your to-do list demanding time and attention. Speed up the move-in date for your clients with a post-renovation cleaning service from IMAGINE. Wondering how long a post-construction clean tends to take? Send us a request for a free quote and we’re happy to provide a timeline.


It’s all in the details

With IMAGINE, you won’t worry about overlooked awnings or dusty high windows⏤we pride ourselves on taking care of every detail. IMAGINE’s full-stack post-construction cleaning services include:

If you’re curious about a service that isn’t mentioned here, we’d love to chat with you and ensure that nothing is missed!

Shined up and ready to go

The best part of proper post-construction clean-up is that your building will be looking its best for your tenants and employees. With the right products to deal with each surface type, IMAGINE will leave you with beautifully cleaned bathrooms, kitchen cabinets and counters, fixtures, and more.

Choose IMAGINE for Post-Construction Cleaning Services

IMAGINE has over 17 years of experience and expertise in large projects all over the Greater Vancouver area. We know how to manage projects on a big scale to ensure nothing is missed! There are lots of moving parts in building projects and we are eager to take the hassle out of post-construction cleanup to close each project on a high note⏤on time and on budget. Get a free post-construction clean-up quote today by contacting us today.