Your Awning Is The Canopy Of Your Brand

You’ve built your brand from scratch, laid out considerable cash, output kilowatts of personal energy, and have the best products and services around, so don’t let cleanliness be your downfall. Dirty awning can turn customers away.

Have you ever been to a restaurant that had dirty restrooms? We’re sure you’d agree that it sullies the whole dining experience no matter how good the food is. We take in this kind of information subconsciously and consciously we make sweeping judgements all the time. A dirty washroom makes you wonder if everything behind the scenes is dirty and possibly unsafe and it may be sending the message of poor quality and low standards. What judgements do you think people make about dirty awnings?

Awning Cleaning

You may well have seen our awning cleaning teams working across Vancouver. Both smaller businesses and high end luxury stores both know the value of a clean awning.

Cleaning an awning yourself may seem like a difficult task and in some cases, even for professionals, it is. It mostly comes down to what chemicals to use and on what kind of soiling, how to access the canopy, and whether there is a water source nearby. How long it has been since it was last cleaned also makes a difference when it comes to giving it a fresh clean. A professional awning cleaner deals with these issues so frequently that there’s very rarely an awning that can’t be cleaned.

If after reading this, you notice that your awning could do with a tidy up, give our team a call to get a free quote, or schedule in your next awning cleaning appointment.