5 Handy Tips to Remove Duct Tape Glue

Duct tape is the best ! it sticks to almost everything, it’s durable and that’s why we love it!  It’s the quick fix solution for, well, a lot of things.  There always seems to be a roll nearby.  It’s easy to use, but can be tricky to remove. 

Once the tape is removed some adhesive may be left behind.  The challenge is to remove it without doing damage to the surface. 

Just before I dive into my top 5 ways to remove Duct Tape Glue, I want to make sure that before using any of these suggestions you … ALWAYS TEST

Always test whatever solution you use before you use it!  Even soap can be damaging to the wrong surface.  Apply a small amount of solution to a small unnoticeable spot of the surface area.   Test to make sure there is no damage caused before starting.

5 Handy Tip to Remove Duct Tape Glue

1) HOT WATER  – Hot water can help to melt the adhesive making it easier to wipe away without having to over scrub causing damage.  Apply by pouring the hot water on the surface and wiping or scraping the adhesive.   You can also add the hot water to a textured rag or cloth and wipe.

2) SOAP – If the glue won’t come off with just hot water , adding soap may be the extra ingredient to remove the unwanted adhesive.  The soap helps to break down the adhesive the same way it breaks down grease on dishes.  Apply with a textured cloth or towel and slowly wipe away the glue. 

3) GOO GONE – I’ve used this product a few times and got some pretty impressive results.  You’ll need to use a textured rag or cloth to apply, start with a small amount and go from there.  Use as directed on the bottle. 

4) WD40 – Similar to duct tape WD40 has many uses, and adhesive removal is one of them.  I’d recommend using this outside or in large areas only as the fumes can be overwhelming.  To apply start with a little bit on a textured cloth and slowly wipe away the adhesive.  If the glue proves to be more of a challenge apply the WD40 directly.  Let it sit for a couple minutes and then wipe away. 

5- RUBBING ALCOHOL or NAIL POLISH REMOVER– This can be quite a handy option as both are commonly found around the home.  Apply in a similar fashion to the WD40.  Place a small amount in a textured cloth or towel and gently wipe the glue.  The alcohol breaks down the adhesive properties in the glue making it easier to remove without causing damage to the surface. Be careful what surfaces you use this on because both products can remove paint.

If the glue still won’t come off you may want to consider using a pressure washer or even a sand blaster, depending on the surface. 

I hope these tips help, 

Good luck!