3 Property Management Cleaning Services to Keep in Mind for Your New Townhouse Strata

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with how to keep your new townhouse strata clean, you’re not alone. With so many windows to scrub and so much square footage, the right place to get started can be hard to determine. At IMAGINE we are committed to providing top-level cleaning services for residential and commercial buildings in Vancouver and taking the pressure off! So, whether you’re finishing up new construction or a renovation project and need some ideas for how and what to clean, here are some suggestions for the next steps.

1. Window washing

Getting windows shiny and clean is one of the easiest ways to kickstart the feeling of a fresh and bright environment. This is not only a benefit to existing residents but to visitors and passers-by who will get a sense that the building’s managers care about attention to detail. At IMAGINE, we are committed to a thorough clean with zero property damage and maximum efficiency. Book us for our window washing services today, and we can also get you set up with a manageable schedule for keeping them clean.

2. Power washing

The temptation to DIY power washing may seem tempting, but when it comes to a commercial property, that’s a lot of space to cover! Plus, using the right tools is critical to enhancing the look of your building’s exterior without leaving any marks or damage like dents or holes. Let IMAGINE take care of this project with decades of experience and professional know-how.

3. Gutter cleaning

Last but not least, gutter cleaning. Gutter cleaning is the process of removing dirt, leaves, and other debris that has accumulated in the gutters of a building, and it has many hidden benefits. For one, keeping gutters clean helps eliminate the costly problem of roof leaks and damage to the foundation. It’s important to schedule a professional gutter cleaning even if your gutters don’t seem clogged yet, and professionals like IMAGINE will ensure that you can get to the gutters in hard-to-reach areas.

What are you waiting for?

Call IMAGINE to get your free quote today and start with one or three of these cleaning services, either one-time or regularly. We bring over 15 years of experience in cleaning residences and commercial properties of all kinds throughout the Greater Vancouver area. Your townhouse strata will be clean, and your residents will thank you!