YVR Airport Knows How To Keep Their Passengers Satisfied

Have you noticed that when you’re at the airport, you can barely hear planes taking off and landing? Acoustic glass is used at airports to reduce noise levels and establish a quiet, sound-proof environment. One reason for installing glass with minimal sound is to create an environment where customers feel relaxed in. Creating an enjoyable experience for flyers and cleanliness are some of the most important factors customers consider when determining whether they wish to fly out from a particular airport. Flying is an experience-based service, and keeping customers satisfied is an important aspect to consider. 

While keeping the interiors of an airport clean is vital for sanitary reasons, making things better on the outside is just as crucial for customer satisfaction. If you’ve been to an airport lately, you understand the boredom you may feel when waiting for your time to board. Most people enjoy looking outside, seeing planes land and take off, or even luggage being boarded onto the planes. This can be quite fascinating at times, do you agree? Window cleaning services are necessary to keep an entire airport’s windows looking clean for its passengers. How frustrating could it be to wait for a flight that leaves in six hours and have to look through dirty windows to help keep you entertained? 

The intent behind having large windows at airports is to open up the views and allow lots of natural light into the building. Research shows that optimizing the amount of natural light we let into airport buildings through clean, clear windows has various benefits. Some benefits include uplifting one’s mood and increasing the amount of energy people have, which are all important in stressful situations when travelling. IMAGINE Maintenance knows the best practices of window washing and keeping customers satisfied with their services. As a business that provides window washing services, they believe that it is crucial that airport windows are kept clean for passengers’ satisfaction. When passengers land, the airport sets their expectations for the rest of their stay. First impressions matter when it comes to cleanliness. All airport windows should be kept clean. Seeing people appreciating the view through clean windows is satisfying for the IMAGINE cleaning crew, which makes working more fun! 

The next time you’re travelling, just know that window washing crews, too, care about your experience at the airport.

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