Safe Gutter Cleaning Methods We Swear By

Ladders are needed for many DIY tasks but if you don’t have the right ladder or experience, you could be putting yourself in a very precarious situation. There are a multitude of gutter cleaning methods we use after we judge the safety of a job. The Traditional Method For gutters that can be easily reached […]

How Often Should I Clean My Gutters?

Gutters are easily forgotten but they should be given a bit of TLC to avoid big problems. Wind, rain and leaves are all causes of gutter related problems in Vancouver. Gutter cleaning ensures water can run freely through your gutters without overflowing, damaging your home, garden and foundations. The Million Dollar Question Our answer to […]

Why Is Gutter Cleaning Important For Your Property?

Why would you need to consider gutter cleaning as part of your spring cleaning routine? Sure, it’s Vancouver and it rains a lot, but a little extra rain never hurt anyone…right? Wrong. Especially when it comes to gutter cleaning in Vancouver, it’s important to keep your gutters working properly to avoid a large list of […]

Gutter cleaning battle: Hand vs Vacuum?

Gutter cleaning isn’t rocket science, all you need is a ladder, a bucket, a pair of gloves, and a comfortability with heights, right?  The truth is a the outset, gutter cleaning does appear to be quite simple. One doesn’t need a specialized set of skills such as plumbing or electrical, however gutter cleaning is one […]

Gutter Guards: Do they work?

Don’t get caught up in the hype before you read this important article. Gutter cleaning is my favourite task, said no-one, ever. So it comes as no surprise that a host of solutions in the form of guards and screens are advertised to prevent your gutters from clogging and save you from what could be […]

Gutter cleaning: DIY Tips

Use this checklist before you tackle your DIY gutter cleaning. At its best, gutter cleaning is a tedious and dirty task. At worst it can be downright dangerous. A slight misstep or over-reach and you could end up with more than a bruised ego. Consider that falls are among the leading causes of unintentional home […]

DIY Gutter cleaning

If hiring a pro is not in the budget or you just want to tackle the job yourself, this article is for you. Gutter cleaning is a job many would love to ignore, but is an all important twice-a-year ritual all homeowners need to adopt. There are many ways to clean gutters, but most methods […]

Why gutter vacuuming?

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HAND-CLEANING AND VACUUMING As a preface to this article, a more detailed description of why gutter cleaning is important can be found here. When selecting cleaning contractors and reviewing quotes its important to know upfront how they plan to access your gutters and perform the work. There are a variety of methods […]