Why gutter vacuuming?


As a preface to this article, a more detailed description of why gutter cleaning is important can be found here.

When selecting cleaning contractors and reviewing quotes its important to know upfront how they plan to access your gutters and perform the work. There are a variety of methods contractors may use, this article will help to inform you how to make the best decision for your home.

The most common method of gutter cleaning is by hand. The worker sets up a ladder against your home, ascends with bucket in hand and proceeds to scoop up the contents with a gutter spoon. Sounds simple right? This seemingly simple method is time consuming, dangerous and difficult to perform. Other methods such as pressure washers forcefully clear debris while the fallout collects on your siding, patio furniture or neighbours home.

Ladders are an inefficient tool. With an effective cleaning span of the workers arm reach they must be constantly repositioned creating more slip hazard opportunities while navigating the ladder through the yard, ascents & descents on muddy or wet rungs. According to a 2003 report from Statistics Canada, hundreds of ladder injuries occur at work each year attributing to 1500 deaths by falls and are the number one cause of injury in the  home. For more information on the safe use of ladders click here.

Our climate brings up to 2500mm of rain annually. This combines with the natural material found in gutters and eroded granules from roofing shingles to create a muddy or soupy mixture in gutters. Hand cleaning is effective so far as what can be picked up with the spoon, the remaining particles are then flushed down the downspout, taking the blockage from one area and moving it to another.

Gutter vacuums in most cases are operated from the ground with up to 30′ of extension tubing eliminating the need for ladders in many cases. They are also particularly useful in the case of a tiered roof that is set back from the main roofline, a solution that hand cleaning could not provide without an elaborate rope safety system. With its powerful suction, vacuums remove all debris from gutters including eroded shingle granules ensuring full and complete drainage.

At Imagine, our primary concern is safety and doing the job right while providing the best price possible. The majority of our gutter service is performed via vacuum as we feel not only does it give you the best result but also creates the best work environment for our employees. As conditions dictate we do implement the  use of ladders for which all our staff is thoroughly trained on safe ladder use procedures.

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