Now Is The Best Time To Get Your Gutters Cleaned

As summer becomes a distant memory, the season of leafy gutters is upon us. Soon we will be battling the rain, snow and more falling leaves – all of which can clog your gutters.

Now is the best time to look into gutter cleaning as you want to ensure nothing is in your gutter that could block the flow of water when the Vancouver rains arrive. It’s not just leaves that could be filling your gutter, wildlife such as birds and may have set up home there too.

These are the main problems you could face if you don’t schedule in a gutter cleaning session before winter arrives.

  • Gutters exist to channel water away from your roof and home. If the gutter is blocked, rain water will overflow into places it shouldn’t. Many homes have a wooden board fixing gutters in place, if water is constantly soaking the wood, it will rot. Getting this replaced can be far pricier than the cost of gutter cleaning.
  • You don’t want your landscaped garden, car or self to be underneath an overflowing gutter. That flow of water will be far heavier than your average rainy day.
  • The overflowing water of a blocked gutter can pool around your home’s foundations. Over time, cracks could form and damage the building’s foundations.

To avoid these problems, get in touch with our friendly team to book an appointment. Our team are experts when it comes to gutter cleaning. Vancouver is lucky to have many tree lined streets and wooded areas, if you live in a neighbourhood like that, consider getting your gutters cleaned again once all of the trees have shed their leaves. Book your gutter cleaning online today.