How Often Should I Clean My Gutters?

Gutters are easily forgotten but they should be given a bit of TLC to avoid big problems. Wind, rain and leaves are all causes of gutter related problems in Vancouver. Gutter cleaning ensures water can run freely through your gutters without overflowing, damaging your home, garden and foundations.

The Million Dollar Question

Our answer to the commonly asked question “how often should I clean my gutters” is at least twice a year. Fall and spring are the most important times. In fall, you want to clear your gutters of any leaves that have dropped throughout the past few months, and also check that nothing is nesting there. In Vancouver, gutter cleaning is especially important at this time of year as it prepares your gutters for the large amount of rain that will be arriving in winter. In spring, you want to check that the harsh winter hasn’t done any damage to your gutters and also ensure they are clear for the inevitable increase in leaves as spring returns.

Is Gutter Cleaning Needed More Than Twice A Year?

If you live in an area surrounded by trees, you could find your gutters could become clogged more quickly. Next time you book a gutter cleaning appointment, ask one of our friendly team how clogged your gutters were to get a better idea of if you should be getting your gutters cleaned a couple of times each season.

Not sure whether you need to schedule gutter cleaning? Find out about some of the damage you could face by not regularly booking gutter cleaning. Vancouver residents often find themselves with hefty repair costs all thanks to blocked gutters in winter.

Contact us today, to get a gutter cleaning quote for your Vancouver home or building. Our experienced team would be more than happy to answer any gutter cleaning questions you may have.