Gutter cleaning battle: Hand vs Vacuum?

fight2-300x191Gutter cleaning isn’t rocket science, all you need is a ladder, a bucket, a pair of gloves, and a comfortability with heights, right?  The truth is a the outset, gutter cleaning does appear to be quite simple. One doesn’t need a specialized set of skills such as plumbing or electrical, however gutter cleaning is one of the more dangerous home DIY tasks you can do. This article will examine the two most popular cleaning techniques to determine the best method for cleaning gutters.

Lets discuss age-old question in a fight to the finish!

ROUND 1  – Safety

gutter-safety-300x148Ladders, while useful have their obvious drawbacks and cannot access tricky or hard to reach areas such as multi-tiered or recessed rooflines and dormers. Often what happens is homeowners stretch the use of the ladder past its intended design and that’s when accidents occur. Gutter vacuums, with many feet of extended reach can safely access these tricky areas often from the ground. A company that utilizes gutter vacuums is promoting a safe work environment.

WINNER – Vacuum

ROUND 2 – Price

Bad-Contractor-300x168This is a tricky subject and it depends how you choose to look at it. Upfront, that guy with the rusted 1980s truck might have a rock bottom price, but he likely doesn’t have insurance, a huge no-no in hiring a contractor as you can end up liable for their personal injuries or damages. Also, if he’s not professional enough to have insurance, its likely that extends to other areas of his business such as handling deficiencies, showing up on time, or returning phone calls.

As customers, we all pay for the experience we receive. In the words of Red Adair; “If you think its expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.” There is often more to the cost of a job than low price, perhaps that extra 15-20% might be considered peace of mind.

WINNER – Vacuum

ROUND 3 – Results

gutter-before-after-300x150If a ladder can’t reach an area of the roof, how is it going to get cleaned? Is the uninsured cleaner going to climb up your roof and risk a fall or skip that spot? Either choice is not acceptable. Further, hand cleaning is only good for the big stuff: Leaves, moss, and twigs. After time soil forms in the gutter, and the roofing shingles shed their granules that pile up in the gutter. This micro-debris is very hard to fully remove even with gutter spoons. Only a vacuum can guarantee full removal of this debris and ensure proper drainage of your gutters.

WINNER – Vacuum

And the winner by unanimous decision – The gutter vacuum comes out on top as the superior gutter cleaning method.