DIY Gutter cleaning

If hiring a pro is not in the budget or you just want to tackle the job yourself, this article is for you. Gutter cleaning is a job many would love to ignore, but is an all important twice-a-year ritual all homeowners need to adopt. There are many ways to clean gutters, but most methods involve getting on a ladder. If you’re not comfortable working at heights you’re better off calling a professional.

Required equipment:
– Gloves
– Safety goggles
– Gutter spoon (optional)
– Rake
– Proper size ladder
– Bucket with a ladder hook

Before you begin, familiarize yourself with basic ladder safety.

1. Rake the roof. First you’ll want to remove as much of the leaves from the roof and valleys without damaging the shingles. Hose down the rest.

2. Remove debris. Maintaining three points of contact with the ladder, scoop out the debris and place in bucket attached to the ladder. Don’t over-reach from your ladder position, climb down and reposition your ladder.

3. Rinse. Flush gutter towards downspout, use a sponge & detergent to clean the exterior of the gutter, removing green algae stains.

4. Maintain. Install leaf strainers at your downspouts to cut down on clogs. Check for leaks when it rains and mark with a marker so you can patch holes when its dry.