Clean out your gutters before they clean out your wallet

Out of sight, out of mind.

It can be easy to forget about gutters, but don’t ignore this important task for fall home maintenance. Fall is well underway here in Vancouver which means a host of tasks for homeowners as they prepare for the wet and cold months ahead. One of the most important – and often overlooked tasks is inspecting and cleaning gutters for drainage

The Lower Mainland receives 1200mm to 2400mm of rain annually. That’s up to 8 feet of rain! When functioning properly, gutters protect your home from water damage by draining water away from the roof and away from the house. When they become plugged, the buildup of water can easily lead to a host of expensive problems to repair such as damage to the roof, fascia, soffits, siding and landscaping.

Big-trouble-300x225The easiest way to determine if your gutters are functioning properly is to wait for a rainy day to see if water is emptying from the downspouts. If you observe a slow trickle, or water overflowing then there is debris clogging the gutters and/or downspouts.
The hardest part of gutter cleaning is safe access to the work area. Before you jump up on the ladder, take a moment to familiarize yourself with basic ladder safety. If you have a multi-tiered roof, or recessed dormers take extreme caution if you need to climb on the roof as wet roofs are an extreme slip hazard and should be avoided. Professional gutter cleaning services often use long-reach vacuums to get these hard-to-get areas.Depending on the landscaping around your home, you might need to do this a few times throughout the fall season. This simple task will save you thousands in unnecessary repairs from rot, flooding, or landscape damage. If you’d prefer to save your weekend, call us we’d be happy to take this dirty job off your hands.