Imagine’s new service: Foam cleaning is the safe way to clean your home’s exterior.

With over 160 days of rain in the Lower Mainland its easy to see how this wet and cloudy weather is the perfect environment for moss and algae to build up on your home’s exterior. Dirt and other airborne pollutants combine to dull the appearance of your home. Imagine has the solution to safely and professionally restore the appearance of your home.

We never use direct pressure.
Direct, high-pressure washing brings many inherent risks to the home owner. Using the wrong tips, or setting the machine at too high a pressure for the surface to be cleaned can easily and irreversibly damage building materials.

When adjusting the pressure, there is no gauge on the equipment so it is left up to “the feel” of the cleaner to determine if they are using the correct pressure for the surface. With a slip of the wrist, pressure wands can embed a pattern into materials or embed water into delicate wood finishes.

Additionally, there is the risk of high-pressure water getting underneath siding panels or soffit, thus penetrating the moisture/vapour barrier of your home. Moisture trapped beneath vinyl will accelerate rot, promote mold and mildew, and invite insect infestations in leftover wood siding and framing. Even in new homes, vinyl siding can act as a moisture trap.

Our Solution.
We are proud to announce our newest service; Foam Cleaning! Specially designed air-aspirating foam nozzles connected to our pressure washers turn our own custom formulated solution into a cleaning foam that safely blankets your home. The foam nozzles act as a regulator, reducing the pressure to the point that you can safely and comfortably hold your hand in front of the spray, basically no stronger than a shower head. We then use soft bristle brushes to gently remove the buildup and rinse away the soap with a hose leaving your home looking good as new.

Our custom formulated cleaning solution is mixed specifically for your project and is not commercially available. It is safe on plants and landscaping and we always give sensitive areas a thorough pre-soak and post rinse-down.

Foam cleaning is ideal for:

  • Mossy roofs
  • Dirty siding, wood, stone, brick
  • Algae-stained fences, patios and more…

Do your homework.
Cleaners sell their experience, expertise and time. When soliciting quotes, investigate to determine the cleaning methods that will be used, ask to see copies of their insurance & wcb information. And a few references of past work won’t hurt either. Direct pressure washing takes less time than softer, less intrusive techniques, and along with it may result in a lower price.