The First Thing Customers Notice About Your Business

Did you know, your business faces its first judgement before anyone even steps through the door? Here are the exterior cleaning tips we recommend to make sure your curb appeal remains in tact.

Keep The Sidewalks Clean

Before people even enter your premises, they have to navigate an often unsightly sidewalk, stepping over gum, cigarette butts and garbage. A simple pressure washing service can renew the ground floors outside your building to give them the look of being freshly poured.

Remove Moss and Algae From Your Awning

Whether you have a fabric or glass awning, both need regular cleaning. Awnings are often forgotten about which means people don’t always notice when they begin to look a bit dirty. Awning cleaning can make a surprisingly big difference on the overall look of your building. But don’t take it from us, hear what property management company Warrington PCI have to say,

“Our commercial building is comprised of mixed use tenancies which consist mainly of high-end retail. Thus, the appearance of this area is extremely important. We recently contracted IMAGINE Maintenance to clean the awnings at the retail level and found their work to be coordinated efficiently and completed in a timely manner which reduced any inconvenience to our Tenants. Their cleaning methods made the awnings appear almost brand new. We would definitely recommend this company”.

Make Sure Your Windows Shine

After we finish a window cleaning appointment, we like to look at the building next door to see what a big difference clean windows make. And we’re not exaggerating when we say it makes a big difference – it really does. We do however notice that people often don’t think about window cleaning in Vancouver until summer. It should really be seen as a year round maintenance task. Did you know that a building with cleaner windows is actually warmer? That’s a great excuse to schedule a window cleaning appointment during the cooler months too. Another thing to consider at this time of year is gutter cleaning. Vancouver is well known for its huge amount of rain and that, combined with fallen leaves can cause gutter clogs which can result in water overflowing onto newly cleaned windows.

Our gutter and window cleaning team are able to offer maintenance tips so that once we’ve gone, you’ll be able to maintain the curb appeal you, and your customers, desire.

“We’ve been using IMAGINE Maintenance to do the annual top to bottom high dusting and window cleaning at our North Vancouver retail shopping center for 5 years. They have a proven track record for understanding our needs, planning ahead, staffing appropriately, and coming to the job prepared. They’ve proven time and again that they can meet our expectations on time and have provided valuable insight to the condition of our building above what we thought we already knew.“


If you’d like to find out how our annual maintenance package can solve all of these issues in one visit, contact our Vancouver exterior cleaning team today today.